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    Our Mission is to help people save money on all of the things they are already purchasing while helping them build a long-term sustainable business.

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    The cash you earn is yours to keep and is in addition to any credit or debit card rewards you currently receive.

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Some of our Merchants

Exclusively for our valued members - earn an average of 5.4% cash back on every purchase at over 250 national retailers, restaurants and travel brands. Valid only in the US for US residents.

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  • Gasoline Savings App

    Save Up to 25¢ a gallon!

    Refer Others -Get 15¢ a Gallon per Referral
    Plus: 1¢ a Gallon for every Gallon they Buy - Forever
    Plus: 1 half ¢ per gallon on all their referrals - forever!

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  • Why pay more?
    Saving money is the same as making money!

    Enjoy savings up to 80% on all your prescription medications.

    Choose the best price and nearest location.

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International Products - For Customers Outside USA

NXR Global Discount Savings APP

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    Easy To Use

    Our App is simple to use. Just search and save. Search surrounding areas to find deals around you.

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    On The Go

    Carry your savings with you! The mobile app can find you savings while you are out and about. Find your deal and show your phone at checkout.

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    Special Events

    Find deals for concerts and other special events in your area!

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    Exclusive Discounts

    Featuring over 700,000 of the World’s Best Brands

Global Products - For All Countries

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  • The NXR Global Opportunity

    It is like nothing else you have seen before. Get rewarded for being a Customer and using our products. Share NXR Global Products and Opportunity with others and your potential earnings are unlimited. There has never been an opportunity that costs so little and pays so much. The best part is that you’re building a Residual Income that can continue to pay you for decades to come.

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