How to install the IXQtv App

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To install the IXQtv App you need to first have FILELINKED installed. Click the link below to download the FILELINKED App for your VStream Media center.


After it downloads, you will then need to go to your Home Screen and click on APPS. Then open the FILE BROSWER. Go to Local Disc, then Downloads, click on FILELINKED.APK and click INSTALL. (Once installed, it will be located in the Apps on the Home Screen.)

Once it finishes installing, click OPEN and enter the code 81966273.

Scroll down until you see the iXQtv app. To the far right of that app there will be a button with a DOWN arrow on it. Click that button.  When that button turns into a Triangular button, click it and click Install. This will install the IXQtv App. It will be located in the Apps link on the Home Screen.