Cash Back App

It's super easy to use and you get to maximize your current credit card's cash back program.

Lifestyle Savings Network

Whether booking a hotel from home or trying to find a deal when you are out, you can do it all with Lifestyle Savings Network.

Virtual Care

The Veritas Digital Care Plan provides valuable benefits so members can access care and services on their schedule for their unique needs.


With seven ways to earn with Lifestyle Connections, when you grow your business so does your income.


Our Mission is to help people save money on all of the things they are now purchasing and to help them build a long-term sustainable business by showing other people how to save money. We want everyone connected with us to be able to change their Lifestyle.

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Cash Back App

Earn cash back for your purchases on top of the cash back that you already earn with your normal credit card. This app is loaded with benefits!

Lifestyle Savings Network

Find great deals on everything! Concerts, hotels, restaurants, you name it, we've got it!

Virtual Care

When you need to find care, Digital Health brings a healthcare provider to you . From your mobile device or computer, it’s never been easier for you and your family to instantly access world class care at home or work.